Universe, a finality or evolution?

In this introductory blog, I wish to discuss my thoughts on the relation between, premise of human actions or other events and an understanding of the universe.

Universe as a river of matter and energy

Universe as a river of matter and energy

Human life and rest of the universe move in the dimension of time, one event leading to another. For humans, the event can be a conscious or subconscious disposition depending upon our grasp of time in its present state. Consider the analogy of the Universe being a flowing river and each particle in that river be all the matter and energy including human lives. Now each distinct point in that river may choose its own path or be chosen under the effects of gravity, but the overall direction remains the same downstream, fulfilling the same purpose by converging into the sea. The destination remains definite that is, the sea.

The above analogy infers to a simple realization, that any event that may seem as a conscious choice or a subconscious one, could merely be a difference or deviation in path, but leading regardless to the same unknown destination. The outcome may seem amendable in the present, as all options are open, but the inability to view the entire universe or what lies beyond, deems us impaired to see the true destination. This inability in our current circumstances makes every imaginable action, conscious or subconscious a possible reality, unaware of the forces outside us shaping our paths to that unknown destination. After all even the conscious thought has been built upon the gathered wisdom and inputs from our environment both active and passive.

Only someone who is looking at the river from above in its entirety, can know its true path and destination. It is like a painter, who knows the bounds of his canvas, so that he envisions his art accordingly or a person filling a cup knowing its brim, neither of them can cross their limits.

The forces that affect the river are both intrinsic and extrinsic to it. It would only make sense, that the forces shaping and affecting the universe, by choosing the events or allowing them to be chosen may only affect the state of the end point, but not the finality of it.

I leave this philosophical view to the reader to ponder upon, as the things that appeal to humans are mostly subjective to us, but that doesn’t mean that the objective truth does not exists, its only yet to be discovered.

18 thoughts on “Universe, a finality or evolution?

  1. I like the final paragraph and agree. The river analogy though – rivers flood and change the entire landscape. I would say science is like a river – subject to change. Our lives are up to us to control, like a boat in the stream.

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  2. Thanks for reading and your comment. Well you see I believe everything in this universe is a two way street, if rivers flood and change the landscape even the landscape is telling the river which way to turn; In this universe we know every action has a reaction. I feel that we can really never know which actions are chosen by us or they guided by the universe unless we step outside of space-time. With the river analogy, I wish to say that the path of the universe is only visible if one would see from a higher dimension than the 4 dimensions available to us, or in other words stepping outside the universe like you would only know the path of the river if you are flying above it. With respect to the analogy itself, the kaluza-klein theory use the analogy of a simple 1 dimensional line to explain the 4 dimensions of space-time( I wouldn’t go into detail), So analogies are ways to describe complex systems in a fairly simple way as is my intention. I hope you understand where I’m coming from.

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  3. Let’s not forget the water molecules that evaporate from that river, or the water that seeps into the earth and nourishes the roots and animals along the shore. We need to expand the river concept to recognize that water goes wherever it wants.


  4. AD Hall,
    I checked your bio and am most curious about your engineering background in the energy industry. I have a dream of getting off the grid, and a future in energy-efficient chicken coop design (no kidding), using public domain technology and standard materials. For instance, the idea that water absorbs 759 calories/gram in the phase change from liquid to steam could be used to advantage (air conditioning, etc.) in hot climates like ours (Savannah, me). Steam could be used to power generators, for instance.

    What do you think?

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  5. Hi Katherine, thanks for reading and thanks for your comment. As I have mentioned in a comment earlier that I have used the river as a simple analogy to demonstrate a behavior that may exist. The river has a starting point and an ending and that’s why I have tried to relate it to our universe. If you refer to water molecules and water seeping to earth, I agree with you as same goes around in the universe all the time as matter and energy are constantly transforming. Universe is operating at the Grand level that we can observe and at the quantum level that is invisible to our naked eyes. At the quantum level the metaphorical constant seeping and evaporation is happening about a million times in micro parts of a second. So it’s a matter of understanding the bigger picture and smaller picture in one single grand scheme. If you are familiar with quantum theory, string theory and higher dimensions you get where I am coming from. And expanding the river concept further would be getting at multiverses or parallel universes which is outside the context of this post. I hope this answers your doubts. Keep reading new posts for more. Thanks

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  6. And water doesn’t go wherever it wants it’s just is responsive enough to react to the effects of earth’s gravity. It does have the capability to shape the landscape and make its own path but only if the gravity allows it to flow that way and then there is the landscape itself. Otherwise we would have water flowing upwards and there would be no waterfalls was it notfor earth’s gravity.

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  7. I agree. My analogy relates to the distinction between individuals and masses. The mass consciousness represented by large bodies like rivers and oceans, is still composed of individual molecules, which each have their own trajectories. When you reduce mass to its individual elements or molecules, you begin to see the transformations possible within a single water molecule, for instance. How many lives has that molecule lived, in what snow, animal, plant, or ocean gestalt? Yes, it’s a parallel reality, “The Eternal Life of a Carbon Atom,” for instance, but to my mind fascinatingly pure science.

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  8. Gravity is only one of many dimensions. We have the dimension of temperature. The centigrade scale makes so much sense, because it’s based on the physical properties of water. Who was Fahrenheit, anyway? I’ll bet you’re on the metric system in India. Would you agree we could save money if the US went metric? I can’t even get good metric tools here. That would be a scientific leap forward.

    Water is warmed by the sun, can exist in frozen, liquid or gaseous states. It is the “universal solvent.” What would we do without it? Science, to me, is the fascinating fact that the “latent heat of vaporization,” the “phase change” point at which water goes from 100 degrees C liquid to 100 degrees C steam–absorbs 539 calories/gram. The energy required to make that jump absorbs and stores that heat in the form of steam. If it were collected, that steam power could be used to run air conditioners. Proven technology, new applications. That’s science.

    We have the dimension of color. Water can appear as many colors, because it reflects its surroundings. We have the dimension of mass, which is different from gravity. We have the dimensions seen through the individual eyes of animals. String theory is wrong. There are many more than 11 dimensions.


  9. Well if you know, Just to remind that all of the above characteristics are rooted to one thing, Gravity. Its because of gravity and strong nuclear forces the sun exists and then comes the subsequent effects of sun’s existence vis-a-vis temperature , color etc.

    I feel If string theory was wrong we wouldn’t have found the higgs boson responsible for the dimension of mass you say, but I can’t debate on the right or wrong of string theory as its still to be proven completely but its a plausible explanation of phenomenons and with discovery of higgs boson it has already started its journey to be proven. since its still a theory we can’t say its right or wrong as of now. We have to wait patiently to see how it goes. In theory it works out pretty good. In reality we’ll have to wait and see

    And the most recent I read supersymmetry with respect to existence of antiparticles is proven too which is proposed by string theory, so its on its way to being proven.

    Gravity is not a dimension its a phenomenon , In short when we refer to higher dimensions its a geometrical compactified calabi-yau type space of 6,7 or even more (according to different versions of theory) in which the phenomenons of gravity, electromagnetism , strong-weak nuclear forces may occur. this space is said to be even smaller than planck’s length. hidden along within 4 dimensional space-time.


  10. Love the analogy of the river. We are all a part of it. We must be in the flow in order to be present and conscious. Thanks for that thought process. And thanks for following My Awakening Life. May we meet again on these pages. Book recomendation: Stand Like Mountain, Flow Like Water by Brian Luke Seaward Ph.D.

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  11. KCO – not only am I a mechanical engineer, but I grew up on a chicken ranch! Our chicken house was made of reflective aluminum sheeting (to reflect the hot Arizona sun) and used four big (as big as a room) evaporative coolers to cool the air – which is essentially what you are talking about. Evaporative cooling uses heat from the air to evaporate water – cooling the air. All it takes is water, a pump and an air blower.

    I recommend photovoltaics for generating electricity off-grid. Include batteries for storage, or a back-up generator if you need lights at night – a chicken coop shouldn’t need much if any light at night. PV is easy to buy and maintain and you will have plenty of roof space on the coop. To use steam for power generation requires careful water chemistry and a heat source and a cooling system.

    I built utility scale power plants, both solar and fossil fuel plants. For a DIY-er, Solar PV is the easiest way to get off-grid unless you have an idea I’m not considering. Happy to discuss further if I can be of help…email me at hallad1257@gmail.com.

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  12. Prateek,
    I do understand your analogy of the universe as a river and agree to a point. The part I’m not comfortable with is the idea of a pre-ordained destiny. That may be true from a physics standpoint – entropy will do us all in – but not from a personal life standpoint. The choices we make matter.

    You seem very open-minded, so consider this: gravity isn’t the thing shaping the universe. Electro-magnetism plays a role that General Relativity ignores. Theoretical cosmology ignores the role of electricity by assuming charge in space does not separate, and bulk electrical charge is therefore zero. This is not true. Charge does separate and this is proven in the lab and what we witness in space – aurora at the polar regions of Earth, Jupiter and Saturn. The solar “wind” is electrical current. All the visible phenomena on our sun is electromagnetic – the corona, the photosphere, sunspots, flares and CME’s.

    Take a look at Electric Universe theory – with an open mind – and you will glimpse the objective reality we live in. It only has three dimensions.

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  13. Hi Mr. Hall, Sometimes I feel it’s not right when people have been indifferent towards the macro view and the micro view of the universe. True there are a few differences in behavior but the unified nature seems more visible if one tries to see it. I am not sure if you are aware of the vacuum states of the universe,

    The universe has a positive cosmological constant and it tends to loose energy as it expands. Somehow everything in the universe starting from the micro elementary particles to the macro things like stars prefer a low energy stable state that’s why they lose energy all the time, consider even humans,

    our brain is designed fundamentally to work with as much minimal conscious -subconscious energy possible as the additional conscious attention requires additional energy and it is in the constructs of our brain to use it only when utterly needed, even in times of threat responses our brain makes the automatic subconscious decisions to fight or flight.

    Sure we have conscious prerogative in decisions that do not affect the aggregate flow of the universe like change our course a little where possible, but to think we can defy the laws of this unimaginably massive entity is probably our own ego to think that we alter the states, it’s comparable to saying that a water molecule decides to flow upstream, the fundamental wouldn’t allow it, it can escape the river by gaining energy and phase change but then ultimately it’ll have to come back to the lower energy state when the energy providing source is not available, I.e the sun. I hope you understand what I am trying to say.

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  14. You just reminded me how little I know about it, but the design challenges are fascinating. In the humid South, we need to make better use of mass, as with adobe in the desert. I believe using standard products, like concrete blocks, could open up lots of innovation in the public domain, with prototypes first tested on small-scale projects like chicken coops.

    Heating is a problem, because the heat lamps available are fire hazards, inefficient, and use lots of electricity. I wonder if using filled concrete blocks with warm (sun-heated) water piping through lined-up holes could provide more even and safer heat (or air-cooled water via fountains in summer). Cooled blocks could also absorb some humidity. Power needs would be minimal for small pump and fountain to circulate and cool water respectively.

    I agree with PV, but my goal would be to reduce the need for electricity, such as solar water heaters and radiant heat. My roof generates lots of steam in the summer. To tap that into a steam generator for air conditioning would be a boon.

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  15. Sorry for not seeing your comment sooner, Prateek. I do understand what you mean by seeking lowest energy state. That is one of the fundamental aspects of EU theory – that birkeland currents will seek lowest energy state which allows for dark current filaments to transmit over vast regions of space. Not sure about extra dimensions, though.

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  16. Hey katharineotto – sorry for not replying sooner – I’m bad about checking back on my comments. I like your idea of the brick wall heating. Solar heating works super if done right and is very economical. We had a sheet aluminum roof on our chicken house that would get hot as blazes in the summer. It reflected heat to keep interior cool, but there was a huge amount of energy there that could have been collected with a few copper water pipes and black paint. Storing heat in the walls sounds like a great way to go for natural heating at night.

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  17. A few copper water pipes and black paint should be sufficient to generate lots of steam in Arizona, if you have enough narrow pipe and run the water slowly enough. You could use pressurized steam to run condenser, maybe, or any small steam engine.

    You’re the engineer. Latent heat of vaporization is 539 cal/gram, so that’s how much heat would be absorbed from inside and outside roof if the water converts to steam. That’s a lot of work potential stored.


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