Rise of a global race

Rise of a global race

Human race is a young civilization. From our retrospective analysis, we can clearly see that we have a tendency to be reactive than being proactive. Along with our subconscious instinct, we learn from experiences and build our intuition based upon them, saving it for later use in all decision making. There is a divide in our use of the conscious and subconscious brain, our ability to consciously access the subconscious is quite limited. Now with the rise of the digital world and greater human population, there is already a debate on the effect of the former on our power to focus and maintain attention. The focus on the external has become so pervasive that even the widespread social networks connecting billions today, are leaving people disconnected with their self and immediate environment.

The internet is not to blame, in fact there is no doubt that the internet is proving to be a boon and key aspect in uniting the human race, it already is doing that exactly by allowing people to transcend their national and ethnic backgrounds, providing a platform for people to talk about global issues freely. We already know that Facebook, twitter, wordpress and a whole lot of other mediums, are providing this platform for free flow of thoughts, opinions and issues, that dwell and percolate our minds. The responsibility lies with us, who are using these powerful mediums to allow them to be beneficial or detrimental for us. Balance and intent are the keys to nurturing our true capabilities.

Recently, a global initiative based social media platform, Global citizens “globalgoals.org” has taken this to a next level by focussing the powerful tool of social media to target 17 global goals set out to be accomplished by 2030, to fight against diseases that afflict our civilization. Now thats something really simple but immensely powerful and it could actually create a global movement out of it, making people feel as citizens of one planet rather than nations, motivating people to unite on the said global issues and help relieving the world of them. Even if it doesn’t work as intended in help solving the world problems, it still shows the influence and effectiveness of such platforms to instigate global movements.

I feel tapping the inner mind could be a key to perceiving time in its entirety and understanding the essential cardinality of our individual will as a part of the universal will. We look at immediate reliefs which are convenient at our disposition. The dependence on reactive nature of our mind has been a phenomenon of the past and is still pervasive in majority of the population, which is leading to the stagnant picture we see of the world today, but it wouldn’t be fair to rule out the presence of individuals who see this responsibility to consciously and proactively shape our future, it is only because of those individuals the world prevails, but there is a limit to the perception of these individuals as well, perhaps we may choose to call it evolution or just progression of Time itself. Since it has been time itself that has put us in this predicament in the first place to be constrained, thus it will be time that will provide us with the vision and mental freedom of tomorrow when it wills.

The future of human race lies in the foundation of unification, when humans will be able to break and transcend the barriers of our constrained perception pervasive in the past and present, along with the ability to see, that change starts at the individualistic level and the responsibility that comes with it towards the whole race. The global economy and now the age of internet are already having phenomenal success in uniting the world. Humans need to understand that they have the right to preserve their cultural backgrounds, in fact diversity fosters creativity, but above all we need to accept the most quintessential truth, that we are one race and need to act as one. The need to rise above the misuse of leverage as a part of this infrastructure of human network, that involves exploitation is inevitable. Leverage cannot be abolished, it may be an integral part of the way how the Universe operates and it is not the one to blame, in fact it may be the reason order exists, but we as humans can sure upgrade our moral and ethical values to preserve our own and our planet’s heritage and beauty.

Human race may go through a great deal of transformation, time on a grand scheme is beyond us to be quantified, but human race can be, universe could be as well, but not knowing the possibilities beyond that, deludes our understanding. Time is nothing but flow of events in order, it may exist beyond imagination and eternally in various forms.

It is not my intention to preach an idea or anything, I merely intend to share my thoughts with the readers.

6 thoughts on “Rise of a global race

  1. Excellent post and I very much agree with your statement that: “I feel tapping the inner mind could be a key to perceiving time in its entirety and understanding the essential cardinality of our individual will as a part of universal will.” Well done! Greetings, Sam 🙂

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  2. Have you noticed how often people use the word “fight,” even when they are advocating for peace? The use of negatives to describe positives feeds the negative. For instance, I say proactively that I am “a pacifist.” I avoid using terms line “non-violent,” because it is a negative way to say something positive.

    I’m the only person I have to sleep with. If I can sleep with myself, I’m also looking out for other humans, animals, plants, and all of Mother Nature’s earthly treasures.

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  3. Katherine that’s something really good and I agree with, it’s like the law of attraction referred in the secret.. The use of positive to instigate positive action and it’s not just about verbal use its more about feeling it. I wish all the people in the world could understand this thing and practice it, human race would be somewhere else only if it was absolutely possible. Darkness pervades more than light, but even light is appreciated truly when it’s completely dark. There is a continuous strife for balance in the universe and it’s something that’s inevitable.

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