The blue rock we call “Home”

A nature's artwork we need to preserve.

A nature’s artwork, that needs to preserved.

Our home is changing. Apparently, its not because of the reasons we may consider natural or inherent that have attributed to change in our planet’s anatomy over millions of years, but the force instigating this change is, Us. Anthropocene, the age of humans, the greatest force this rock has ever witnessed. We are affecting the ecology faster than any natural sources like volcanoes or the sun, in reality we are affecting the core features of our environment that have instigated and supported life since the beginning. Our actions could be indirectly actuating the changes to occur in convolution. We as a race have a choice in deciding the fate of our world and our own, and we must make it count to preserve everything.

According to a recent article in leading news services, the melting of the antarctic ice shelves could reach double the current rate by the year 2050, and by 2100 we could see losing the whole continent. This will lead to substantial rise in global sea levels.

Now something that drastic would affect a real mass change in earths geography, the shape of continents and the entire world we know now. We can’t expect ourselves to isolate from the effects of the change we have started, its like the serpent biting its own tail. I am not talking just about the active effects that happen continuously, but the passive ones as well that affect over time as a part of our evolution.

Recently, an article on shared a study published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society by a team of researchers from University of Aberdeen in the U.K., describing the effects of living in an eternal summer. It argues that,“by artificially changing the environment we live in, we may be working against health related bodily systems that have evolved over many years to protect us from dangers unique to each season.”

The rise in average temperatures eventually affects the seasonal cycle of the earth and our biological response to that change, considering our existing adaptation to the yearly seasonal cycles since the dawn of mankind. I think we have evolved enough to see, what we are doing and smart enough to see, that we live only if our home lives.

At first, we think its the use of fossil fuels and energy inefficient industry practices contributing to this effect on Earth. Needless to say, we are not wrong in that, but its not just the destructive effects of certain elements, its the driving impetus human attitude and actions provide to these effects.

The other major factor that can be attributed to, is our increasing population. The increasing population overs thousands of years has seen its valleys and peaks, but has been trending an upward slope overall. It has fostered the need to live in communities and societies, leading to formation of republics and nation states. We may see that over ages, humans have been focussed at developing better and better means to improve their quality of life and ease of implementing tasks pertinent to their daily lives. Evidently, its a characteristic of a growing intelligent species, who have evolved and know how to manipulate their environment for their survival. We strive to do more than just survive, we live. The drive to create something is an inherent part of us and also what the Universe stands for, Creation.

With the rise of the many comes the need to feed their demands and that eventually lead to capitalism and industrialization of our race. The increasing population requires meeting its wants and needs, in turn driving the increasing use of available resources to meet those demands, eventually putting a pressure on our ecosystem. There was a time when leaders of nations had complete prerogative to decide for their sovereign however they saw fit, but with the dawn of democracy and capitalism the power got distributed and that too quite variably. In this world we live now, where changes are directed by lobbies rather than leaders, the only way to bring change is by people to come together and work for it.

In my understanding, there is a positive correlation between rising human population and its effect on earth’s ecology. Of course its not hard to see that, but the catch is, that despite this correlation we as a race have the ability to nullify this effect. It comes down to two scenarios, either we will have to evolve to the changes in our planet or to preserve what is necessary for all life to continue to foster. I’ll prefer with the latter choice, as its better to preserve and value what is already provided to us as it secures our existence, rather than diving nose down into a high risk improbable future evolution scenario. Preserving will also truly be the one thing that’ll set us apart as a superior sentient race.

Conscious effort and creative thought form can change anything provided within the bounds of our Universe, by now we can already see the Universe guiding the human race to become a highly advanced conscious and spiritual race, Yes spiritual. We are an industrial and scientific race but even the path of science leads to spirituality. Our quest to discovering the fine mechanisms and forces that operate in this vast space-time is nothing but a path to spirituality. The search for a unified theory that explains the quantum mechanics in particle physics to the bigger picture of general relativity, what is it if not spiritual, a search for the reason of existence, ultimately coming face to face with the energy that combines all the notes into one big symphony.

Change is inevitable, it comes regardless of our choice, but a conscious component of our existence allows us to embrace and direct that change.

2 thoughts on “The blue rock we call “Home”

  1. People are just blinded by ambition and greed. They are approaching progression and growth the wrong way. Destructiveness isn’t the way – we need to find a constructive way. There is a way to produce the energy and everything else we want with environmentally friendly ways that are preserving nature at the same time we just have to find them.

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  2. My thoughts exactly, in fact we already have so many abundant sources available to us but the lobbies just won’t budge. I think people learn when it hits them in the face. Thanks for reading and your comment. Cheers


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