A general view of Universal existence


A splendid view of universal existence, Milky way as seen in Lamayuru, near Leh, India


The possibility that someday we understand what lies beyond our known Universe, might be an idea further from the physical limits of human existence. It lies in our inability to experience and understand an energy, that could be so finely fragmented in spaces a lot smaller than 10-35m; pure energy existing in spatial dimensions so small and higher in number than the three physical dimensions known to us, the spark of existence itself. The fragmentation of universe to such contained extremely small spaces may be to provide infinite possibilities for creation, by increasing the range of size manifestations and overall size of the Universe.

It is like with any form of matter, that is in equilibrium with the vessel that contains it, the only way for matter to escape is by providing extra energy to the system triggering a phase change. It is only in stable lower energy states that creation can prevail, as matter tries to break free when supplied with higher energies. As is case of humans and other beings, such complex manifestation of matter would be possible with stable states of energies. For us to experience high level of energies, the system will have to increase overall energy states for us, hence the limitation, as the Universe as a whole wants to move to a lower energy state.

The Universe is consistent with the principle of flow of energy from higher to a lower state. Its pervasive in each and everything we know, whether it be flow of charge from higher to lower potential, laws of thermodynamics or flow of matter to conserve energy. This fundamental nature is realized when we try to see the system as a whole. In the scenario of a big bang, Universe existed in a really intense infinitely compact high energy state, after the explosion in the initial inflation, it lost most of the energy to be left with the 3 dimensions and a dimension of time, this expansion continues and will do, till it loses all its energy to ground state.

I do not wish to underestimate the power of human intellect in grasping the deepest secrets of this realm we inhabit, as only within the last century itself, the greatest minds of our race have discovered the fundamental pieces of the puzzle that baffles us; and there is no limit to the time we have ahead to discover more, as its only a beginning, conditional only upon our ability as a race to sustain our existence long enough. We have only taken our first baby steps and only started to speak a few words of the language of the Universe, that mostly remains unlearned. Our current physical capabilities as a species, that only avails us to see the macro view, it is the intellect of human mind that provides the tools to observe through the patterns of this massive boundless system, only then we begin to see its consistency and integrity.

The prime and most quintessential observation we may come upon is that the behavior of universe is consistent and uniform across its omnipresence including us, humans. Over the ages, men of intellect have observed human behavior and its evolution, condemned its brute and destructive evil nature, but we forget that we didn’t create ourselves, the Universe did after a series of meticulous and unfathomable odds. As an integral nature of a system, humans and all other things of existence are required to manifest this paradigm.

All universal objects and bodies such as stars foster creation, nourish their creation and then they destroy what they created to make way for a new creation. A dogma, that is innate in the pattern of universe. Human behavior is synchronous and inherent with this universal pattern; we procreate, we create objects from nature provided to us and every act of our ingenious creation brings along repercussions to us, our source and environment.

The Universe is driven by forces of creation and disintegration. The forces co-exist to maintain the balance essential for the Universe to exist. These forces are the features of the Universe ensuring the coherent flow of events that form the Time itself. The said features exist consequently to the expanding nature of our Universe. The energy responsible for expansion remains largely unknown, except the knowledge that even the empty space has energy with slightly positive density and enough negative pressure for Universe to expand at a rate conducive for almost infinite creation and matter to integrate, it is come to be termed as dark energy. Our Universe as a result is going to be there for an unimaginable amount of time, for humans it is an eternity.

This propitious nature of the Universe allows matter to integrate at even higher levels of complexity, with each universal parameter fine tuned to perfection for not just life, but intelligent life to exist. It has also come to be known as the anthropic principle, a philosophical postulation by John D.Barrow and Frank Tipler. It has been a controversial idea since 1973 when Brandon Carter, a theoretical astrophysicist first proposed it. Nevertheless, the universal fine tuning as of now can only be observed on Earth, but continued efforts are there to find intelligent life out there if it exists, considering the size of the Universe it sure does, only question is if we will find it or some one else would find us.

The sophisticated manifestations of the Universe like the consciously aware human minds or other species that may exist, are programmed to see the macro product of the intricately complex mechanisms, for the mere reason to derive context out of all universal presence, which would not be possible at quantum levels. As context is a property that surfaces in relativity. With relativity, comes another inference that everything cannot exist at the same time without losing its meaning, value and purpose.

Universe when observed instantaneously and at quantum levels is pure chaos, but exhibits true beauty when observed from our naked eye. The balance or stability in the universe may not be static as Einstein initially believed, but may exists as a continuous dynamic state.

4 thoughts on “A general view of Universal existence

  1. A few observations:
    1. Life, a great organizing force, defies entropy.
    2. String theory challenges the notion of a three-dimensional plus time universe. You can’t explain things like temperature, weight, mass, color, texture, and many other valid parameters merely by length, width, and height. That only defines a box, but there are many kinds of boxes. Wooden, steel, shoe-boxes, and the like. You can’t describe anything in the natural world by the three-dimension-plus-time paradigm.
    3. Rather than creation followed by destruction, I prefer to think in terms of creation followed by evolution into something else. The form may change, be converted from matter to energy or matter to another form of matter, but not destroyed.
    4. At a human level, context is all there is. The Big Bang theory is interesting, but it is dependent on a belief in time and space as ultimate limits. There are those who believe that time and space are not absolute. I’m one of them.


  2. I’m not sure you have read string theory,

    1. Life defies entropy? Do you not see the chaos in the world and disorder that’ll keep increasing with increasing population. Hence the increasing entropy
    2. String theory and QFT explains everything, temperature is a scalar field and mass and other properties also are gauge fields derived from various tangential interactions of strings, universe is not a box, it’s a de sitter space with positive cosmological constant
    3. Destruction doesn’t mean it vanishes it’s not negative it’s necessary , vanishing is not possible without going to extremely high or extremely low quantum states, it’s disintegration of matter to give way for new creation.
    4. I don’t understand when you say absolute. space is a stable energy state that exists for a duration which defines time, they both will exist indefinitely as long as one does or the other, in our universe they both are going to be there practically forever, time quantified at such massive scales is just unimaginable for human mind.


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