Why dark matter, might be “Dark”?


In pertinence to my previous post. I would further that, in the case that our Universe was conceived in a big bang, the intriguing question that usually comes to mind is, what might be the state of Universe before the massive explosion that led to all creation.

The string theorists suggest that all the physics we see and experience in our four dimensional space-time is not possible without the existence of more dimensions. The consensus number is around six extra dimensions, that exist compacted along the expansive four dimensional space-time in spaces lot smaller than planck’s length, with exception of M-theory that suggests seven. These spaces hold strings like one dimensional loop, two dimensional loops or higher wrapped on surfaces within these dimensions that vibrate and move through in ways to produce the massive fields and the physics, that pervade the Universe in the four dimensional space-time we inhabit.

Before the big bang, the Universe is considered to be infinitesimally small, all the extra dimensions along with the four dimensional space-time, being of the same size must have been packed inside that space; and all matter and energy existing as a plasma unibody string vibrating in all the ten compacted dimensions. Now that there must be something holding all that space together preventing it from expanding, before it could no longer do so, resulting in the big bang explosion, that something is come to be known as dark energy. Something like this is mentioned by Shing-Tung Yau, in his book, ‘The Shape of Inner Space’. It was held in the form of potential energy acting as a taut band keeping everything compacted together, which was then converted in to kinetic energy of the expanding Universe after the explosion.

This dark form of interaction is thought to be originated in a singularity, that held all the Universe together before it exploded; it still keeps the six dimensions from expanding. The singularity is contained within the six dimensions that still remain compacted. For the purpose of understanding, consider the tip of a cone as the singularity, the initial state of the Universe where the elliptical part of the cone would be the expanding current four dimensional space-time.

The detection of dark matter and dark energy has only been made possible through their gravitational effects on light, mass influence and energy density, but no direct interaction with light.

What I wish to discuss now, I would urge the reader not to take this with a grain of salt, as it is intended to be a philosophical view. The circumstances that led to formation of dark matter might be the reason it remains dark. In the initial moments of expansion when temperatures were extremely high, the dark energy was relatively stronger and might have been able to fuse heavier particles. The dark interaction, due to being in the singularity part of the six dimensional space, cannot interact with light and the other strings that form the visible matter. The singularity renders extreme phenomenon of gravity from which even light cannot bounce off. The reason for this behavior is relative to the geometry of the surface around the singularity i.e the analogous conical tip; as from general relativity we know that gravity is an effect of geometry of space and is directly proportional to mass. The only interaction between dark matter, dark energy, visible matter and light results in the form of gravity due to the common property of positive masses.

This could be a possible explanation that dark energy being in abundance of 68 percent must have been converted in to the dark matter when the Universe was extremely hot, rendering it the light inert properties of the former, owing to the singularity from where it began. This could be a plausible reason for not being able to see beyond the initial singularity or understand what precisely existed before the big bang.

We understand that light’s interaction with dark matter and dark energy is only through gravity which could be attributable more to the geometry of space rather than the geometrically resulting force interactions and physical phenomenons we observe in the visible nature.

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