The conformance of love and quantum physics

Describing love is not within my capacity and many legends before have held it with greater diligence than I ever can, but being one of universe’s quintessential virtues that accounts for existence, ever intrigues my observation. Love tends to lack that true meaning in its realization these days and seen with such hollow perception as is, happiness.

True love may be not be just an emotion, but an executor of the force of creation, a quintessence of universe itself. It is not just being fond and passionate about fellow beings or things that appeal us, but all creations of universe. It is something beyond mean interests and satisfying personal urge. It is an attempt at appreciating the product of extremely sophisticated mathematics ,thats presents beauty in a specific shape and form.

To understand love, it has to be considered as a part of the physical Universe; even metaphysical objects that pertain to conscious beings and rest of the Universe, derive their existence from the physics that creates everything. Love, as in experienced by conscious living beings can be considered as a form of quantum force that manifests as an emotion. The emotion itself is a consequence of thoughts, composed and stored as brain energy in the neurons. Love as an emotion fundamentally brings people together, it acts on the quantum scale of consciousness to exert the force of attraction. Despite all the various differences among humans, people still tend to prefer living in a society, regardless of a few exceptions. The conformance between love and quantum physics is more discernible evidently at an individualistic scale and from there extends to other beings, a type of strong nuclear force interactions that hold the nucleus of an atom together, but at the human level. When it gains momentum by connecting more and more conscious beings by a common force of love, it can act something like gravity. It is the quantity of conscious beings connected together by the said attractive force, that induces to manifest effects like gravity does relative to mass; with the potential to create movements that change and affect fate of an entire society, nation or the world at large if it ever reaches that level.

Love affirms of our existence, but above that as a manifestation of sentient beings, we must utilize our existence and awareness as means of understanding love as an omnipresent attractive binding force.

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