The nature of Death in the Universe

We all know, when something or someone dies, the physical existence ceases to exist. But on another thought, is death actually observed in the universe? Of course, many of us believe in the spirit world, and that our consciousness transcends to another realm, when our physical body is no longer appropriate to contain it. It is sometimes referred to as the zero point field or a quantum realm of consciousness. Sometimes, the spirit is stuck somewhere in between rather than returning to the pool of pure quantum information, and we refer to them as ghosts. But to be honest, death is just another state of transformation in the universe, a portion of a slice taken of the universe at any instant, as it expands.

Some of you might know about the BICEP missions, that are being conducted, to understand the gravitational ripples in the cosmic microwave background and the space, when the universe was just in its birth pangs. By studying those imprints of the past, the gravitational ripples would tell, how matter and energy was actually distributed by the distortion of space itself in the early universe; which eventually chalked out the path of galaxies and all the matter, we see today. Every instant or to be more precise, in a span of micro micro seconds to billions of years, the universe was being blown out, from the size of less than an atomic nucleus to form this giant infinite space, of which we may never discover a horizon; for the very reason that it has been expanded so rapidly and extensively, deeming it almost topologically flat. The point to be understood is that each manifestation of existence, is just a state or a snapshot in that process of expansion, that includes us as well.

When space is being stretched apart, so is time. Something we know about physical states in case of matter, is that states or phases can be interchanged, depending upon the energy supplied or drawn from the system. In universe, death is merely a state change as the universe transits from one snapshot to another, that is occurring on account of it being stretched apart. The way we are trying to understand the past states of space, by just looking back physically through the study of the cosmic microwave background; looking back at time and its states could be a little trickier, because then we would know how to time travel, and wouldn’t that be fun. But what I am trying to get at is, that if something ceases to exist in the spatial dimensions we see, it doesn’t mean that it no longer exists in time. Time might be like an indexing feature, to define and store the quantum information of any point in space, in an organized manner. We just are not equipped to access it. If we could, we would know that, death is just a point of state change for matter, where the quantum data is transformed into another value, by the virtue of the universe stretching at the referred point in space.

6 thoughts on “The nature of Death in the Universe

  1. Interesting, but the physical body doesn’t cease to exist in death. It still exists and must be disposed of by burial or other means. This brings us to the question of life force, that is, what separates the living body from the dead one? It can be argued that the “life force” is both timeless and space-less, and the universe as we know it merely a stage upon which various “life forces” play.

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  2. Thanks for reading Katherine, I see it in a way that the consciousness is a quantum energy state stored in our neurons as the brain energy potential, the body when is no longer healthy enough to contain that energy , this body vessel is left and the quantum energy returns to the rest of the quantum state of the universe.In the case of burials as in christianity, islam and other religions, may leave a connection of the quantum energy of consciousness to the physical body, only if the body s cremated , the fire destroys the original composition of the physical presence. Remember fire purifies and create. Nothing is timeless or space less, we exist in this space-time , as a consequence of the presence of the space-time in the first place. The scalar fields that created the universe on the landscape of dark energy, create the atoms, stars , planets , us and all life forms, and when they die, the quantum data returns to those scalar fields.

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  3. What’s a scalar field? I don’t understand dark energy. Might it be related to yin and yang, with each seeding the other but all conscious? It comes back around, for me, to the qi concept, with the physical universe, as we know it, an outward manifestation of infinite creativity.

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  4. Scalar fields are uniform fields created by interaction of strings in extra dimensions like in an analogous lowest layer of a cake where the upper layers is our universe. The scalar fields are thought to originate in the extra dimensions and pervade the entire universe. These scalar fields define various properties like temperature etc and propagate the quantum fluctuations required to form elementary particles and then stars and so on all life. These fields were responsible for the earliest inflation in the universe. Dark energy is a
    Like a canvas on which these scalar fields are drawing the entire universe. I hope you get it now. 🙂

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