The relativity of human mind

A very happy new year to all. A lot of us have a practice of setting goals, to achieve something or the other in a new year. From this year on, I have decided to return my attention to the virtues of temperance and moderation, much regarded by the great Benjamin Franklin throughout his life. It is obvious that a practice of temperance and moderation in our daily habits, with respect to health and behavior, contribute to a more prosperous lifestyle. With these traits, our mind tends to sync more effectively with our body. Something, I have always known and followed, but as humans we have a susceptibility to falter.

It is ironical that a lot of our actions derive as a product of culmination of numerous events that take place around us, some known and some absolutely oblivious to our conscious attention. The human mind like rest of the universe derives everything from relativity, starting from its realization of the existential self to the observation of the most complex manifestations of the universe. Our existence demonstrates all laws of this realm, the ones we know of and even those that are yet to be discovered. Our mind provides us with many occasions when we are not able to decide, when one thing seems more plausible than the other. We hang in diffidence for a while, but ultimately either we make a choice or the universe decides for us. Our existence in a way, exhibits traits of both the quantum realm and the laws of the big, that is relativity. At the quantum level, infinite number of possibilities exist for something to happen, but somehow either by interaction within the quantum field or under the influence of principles of general relativity, only a particular and specific outcome is realized; otherwise how would have our universe ever existed, the stars, planets, us could never be realized if it were left to the quantum laws. We humans, belonging to the realm of large, tend to manifest more of the laws of relativity. Either way, both the realms of extremely small and the large lead to only one interpretation of existence, which is, what can happen will happen. Our minds react either in relativity to our immediate environment or to the universe at large. When our minds are incapacitated to arrive at a resolution, the universal flow decides in order to rid us of our puzzled state. The principle, that events have to occur and that nothing can hang in abeyance, is what drives the universal physics.

The choices we make, for example, even our so called new year resolutions, come to us either from a response to our environment or our conscious choice to pursue something that we feel can be materialized. But to be honest, even those choices that we feel are our own conscious ones, tend to come from the load of information that our mind has gathered over years, deeming them relative in nature. “What can happen will happen”, seems to be the principle of existential manifestation in all the cases. As said, even in my case, it was a universal sign to get back to following the wisdom, that I have gained over time.

4 thoughts on “The relativity of human mind

  1. Not to be to contrarian, but as of late I’ve begun to see that there is less relativity in the universe than we would imagine. The more I study the spiritual aspects behind how life plays out, the more predictable it becomes. I do agree though, outside of seeing the spiritual links, the universe does choose outcomes that will exist in not by choice, but by lack of awareness.
    This has also led me back to Einstein’s law of relativity. Just one note here: the law of relativity came into being to disprove flat earth theory that was beginning to erupt in England around that time because there is no discernible curvature of the earth over water at any distance. Therefore it was proposed, as it had always been up until the time of Copernicus, that the earth is flat. Copernican math and relativity allow for a ball earth, but no other measurement, say flight patterns and distances for example, do. The real measures therefore seem to have to do with lack of spiritual reality, or a hiding us from it.


  2. Thanks for your comment. First of all Einstein’s work was based on light and the nature of space-time. He took into account the work of many of his predecessors like Newton, Mach, Poincare, Maxwell and etc. To ultimately create his theory. Nothing do with earth much, but his thoughts were about the relative motion of all objects in space and the bigger picture of reality. Relativity is the essence and everything of existence. One could simply not exist without relativity. Something to take an objectified meaning always requires a frame of reference.

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