The relativity of human mind

A very happy new year to all. A lot of us have a practice of setting goals, to achieve something or the other in a new year. From this year on, I have decided to return my attention to the virtues of temperance and moderation, much regarded by the great Benjamin Franklin throughout his life. It is obvious that a practice of temperance and moderation in our daily habits, with respect to health and behavior, contribute to a more prosperous lifestyle. With these traits, our mind tends to sync more effectively with our body. Something, I have always known and followed, but as humans we have a susceptibility to falter. Continue reading

The ‘geometry’ of existence!


The lower level dimensional space enveloped by the higher space above and so on…


During this holiday season, I wish to leave the readers with some thought on the shape of existence. Probably, despite my intention to bring light upon this subject, I might leave you in doubt or confusion. But remember, it is upon the eyes of the beholder to make sense of what they see, and interpret to their utmost pleasure.

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The nature of Death in the Universe

We all know, when something or someone dies, the physical existence ceases to exist. But on another thought, is death actually observed in the universe? Of course, many of us believe in the spirit world, and that our consciousness transcends to another realm, when our physical body is no longer appropriate to contain it. It is sometimes referred to as the zero point field or a quantum realm of consciousness. Sometimes, the spirit is stuck somewhere in between rather than returning to the pool of pure quantum information, and we refer to them as ghosts. But to be honest, death is just another state of transformation in the universe, a portion of a slice taken of the universe at any instant, as it expands.
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A general view of Universal existence


A splendid view of universal existence, Milky way as seen in Lamayuru, near Leh, India


The possibility that someday we understand what lies beyond our known Universe, might be an idea further from the physical limits of human existence. It lies in our inability to experience and understand an energy, that could be so finely fragmented in spaces a lot smaller than 10-35m; pure energy existing in spatial dimensions so small and higher in number than the three physical dimensions known to us, the spark of existence itself. The fragmentation of universe to such contained extremely small spaces may be to provide infinite possibilities for creation, by increasing the range of size manifestations and overall size of the Universe.

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The nature of human “Regret”

I would say “regret” is another paradigm of human hypocrisy. The decisions or the actions we take, are a manifestation of our existence supported by circumstantial evidence. We do what we do, based on our perception of the world around us, that is our intellect along with a core will, constituting the basis of our existential purpose. Regretting our actions is only defying our existence and the true nature of our will. It’s well said that, ‘a man must do what he has to and live with it for the rest of his life.’ What the best one can do, is learn about the true nature of the will that governs one’s existence and come face to face with brutal facts of reality. By reflecting upon their actions, one can avail a chance at learning about this true nature and try making amends as far as the will allows, but who knows even learning along the way and changing our disposition may be a characteristic of one’s will. Continue reading

The blue rock we call “Home”

A nature's artwork we need to preserve.

A nature’s artwork, that needs to preserved.

Our home is changing. Apparently, its not because of the reasons we may consider natural or inherent that have attributed to change in our planet’s anatomy over millions of years, but the force instigating this change is, Us. Anthropocene, the age of humans, the greatest force this rock has ever witnessed. We are affecting the ecology faster than any natural sources like volcanoes or the sun, in reality we are affecting the core features of our environment that have instigated and supported life since the beginning. Our actions could be indirectly actuating the changes to occur in convolution. We as a race have a choice in deciding the fate of our world and our own, and we must make it count to preserve everything.

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Universe, a finality or evolution?

In this introductory blog, I wish to discuss my thoughts on the relation between, premise of human actions or other events and an understanding of the universe.

Universe as a river of matter and energy

Universe as a river of matter and energy

Human life and rest of the universe move in the dimension of time, one event leading to another. For humans, the event can be a conscious or subconscious disposition depending upon our grasp of time in its present state. Consider the analogy of the Universe being a flowing river and each particle in that river be all the matter and energy including human lives. Now each distinct point in that river may choose its own path or be chosen under the effects of gravity, but the overall direction remains the same downstream, fulfilling the same purpose by converging into the sea. The destination remains definite that is, the sea.
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